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4 Reasons to Hire a Staffing Agency

Businesses can realize many benefits by using a Staffing agency. Most companies can use extra help when handling new projects and additional business, but most aren’t willing to make full-time hires. When they work closely with an agency, hiring managers can ensure that temp workers have the right skills, experience and education to meet the company’s needs. Below are a few reasons to work with a staffing agency.

Access to Additional Candidates

Staffing agencies can help clients save money and time, particularly when they need to pull from a larger candidate pool. During the holidays, some employers need to fill a significant number of open slots in a short amount of time. When companies rely on agencies to fill vacancies, they don’t have to worry about recruiting, screening and holding interviews. This allows employers to focus on their day-to-day jobs while getting the help they need.

Evaluate the Candidate’s Fit Before Making a Hiring Decision

Using a temp service gives businesses the opportunity to evaluate a worker before making an offer of permanent employment. While a person can have all the right answers and look great on paper, they may not be the right fit for a company’s culture. Hiring temp workers gives businesses a chance to see how they will fit in and it gives them time to point out weaknesses that may not show up during the normal interview process.

Access to Skilled Talent

To ensure top quality, applicants are subject to employment reference verification, proficiency testing, drug screenings, behavioral assessments and safety training. Once a worker has successfully made it through the screening process, they will be considered for a position. Staffing agencies are constantly looking for skilled workers who can fill a variety of positions.

Quick Filling of Positions

On-demand and temporary staffing are services geared toward coverage of staffing shortages and short-term needs. Temporary staffing arrangements can last for anywhere from a few hours to a year, and during that time, the worker remains on the agency’s payroll, worker’s comp and unemployment insurance. Using staffing agencies can help businesses avoid the permanent commitment of hiring full-time workers, which can help these companies save money and time.