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What One Should Understand About Hard Drive Degaussing

A lot of people think that once a file is deleted to the trash bin and the bin is emptied the info disappears completely. This however is not the truth The reality is that the data is still in the hard drive. All you actually do when you delete such info is to destroy the path leading the actual information. Nonetheless, one can still be able to erase info completely from their hard drive. There are actually three different ways to erase data from a computer hard drive. One can physically destroy the drive, use a hard drive eraser or use degaussing to clear the drive.

Degaussing is simply permanent erasing of data. There are so many different organizations dealing with sensitive information that employ degaussing machines for this type of work. This method of doing away with data is different from others. Degaussing is not like simple deleting or formatting, it uses a unique technique to clear data completely. Below are some fact s you should know about hard drive degaussing.

Employs the Use of Magnetic Fields

Elimination or decrease of a magnetic field is what is termed as degaussing. In order to erase data from magnetic storage devices, there has to be a magnetic field involved. These devices have a fine coating of iron oxide and sometimes chromium oxide on the tape. A very intense magnetic field is generated during this process. The immense power of this magnetic field is what aids in the permanent removal of the magnetic memory from the chromium oxide or the iron oxide coating. The change in the magnetic field is what does away with the data on the drive. Data that was recorded is usually randomized or completely removed making during this process. This makes it impossible to recover the data.

Safety Issues

According the World Health Organization, there is no evidence that suggests any kind of harm can come from this type data destruction. This means people shouldn’t fear being exposed to these magnetic fields during the degaussing process.

The Speed of The Process

Many people think the process is slow and complicated. Nonetheless, contrary to what the name may sound like, this process is actually easy and fast.

Difference from Hard Drive Eraser

As aforementioned, degaussing, works with the help of a magnetic field to reset the hard drive’s magnetic charge to a state that is neutral. Conversely drive erasing is where data that is on a drive is overwritten so many times that it becomes impossible to access decipher or restore forensically. Essentially, no erasing actually goes on in this process.
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