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Combat Vulnerable Email Attacks with Strict Company Email Policies

Ransonware is a serious threat to small business owners. Without access to their computer network, companies may have to halt their business temporarily to restore their files. Because this can cause such a significant loss of revenue, business owners should take steps to prevent malware attacks. The most important thing any company can do is have a clear email security policy that ensures employees do not open suspicious email or click on links from unrecognized senders. By making sure the company does not have vulnerable email, business owners can protect their data from these thieves.

Cyber criminals count on people ignoring all the signs that the emails they send are not legitimate. Frequently, there are obvious misspellings and grammar mistakes that the company they claim to be from would not have made. Those who ignore the signs or don’t pay attention to the text in the message put themselves and the company they work for at risk for a serious virus. When ransomware gets installed through one of the links, the entire network might be locked until it can either be removed or the ransom is paid.

Phishing emails are often caught by spam filters and every small business should set up their email system to detect these hacking attempts and stop them before they get to employees’ desktops. Some companies give themselves an additional layer of security by restricting email from outside of the company to employees who do not need to access the Internet as part of their regular job duties. Since most people today have a smartphone or other mobile device, there’s really no reason for them to receive personal email at work.

Despite a business owner’s best efforts to prevent it, there’s always a chance the network could be hacked. If that ever occurs, it’s critical to have a backup. Small businesses should backup their data on a daily basis. As long as there is a backup all of the essential files, the company should not suffer insurmountable losses due to a computer virus. A company can recover much faster from a malware attack if it has a copy of all the customer data on hand, stored on a computer that is not part of the office network.