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Tony Meisner: Technology Business Leader About Tony Meisner Tony Meisner is the Co-owner of Avisolve and its vice president of Sales. He was worked in a managerial position at Pacific Office Automation (POA) prior to joining Avisolve. At Pacific Office Automation, he was responsible for developing the Arizona operation. In addition, Tony was charged with the responsibility of hiring employees and building all divisions. Within a short time, he was able to create the fastest growing division of POA. The Arizona department developed to be the 3rd largest operation in a short span of time under his tenure. He worked for some years at Pacific Office Automation and then joined Avisolve. Tony leads a variety of aspects at Avisolve’s sales division including training, managing forecasts, developing partnerships and hiring. Also, he works hand in hand with other departments of the firm to ensure customer and partner loyalty by providing great service. Tony Meisner leads sales pipelines and makes sure that the firm is accomplishing its business goals. He has helped Avisolve develop complete solutions, pre-sales engineering and top-tier partnerships with major brands.
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Tony Meisner has more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology. He’s experienced in providing software, professional and hardware services around the world. Mr. Meisner has developed close relationships with lots of vendors in the industry. This has significantly influenced his managerial and entrepreneurial successes.
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Mr. Meisner believes that building a great sales team is important for every business. He has created his sales team based on passion and all of his team members are happy. According to him, a happy sales team equals happy consumers. Tony Meisner hires staff and allows them to advance their skills, knowledge and creativity. This assists the salespersons to create permanent relationships with consumers. Tony attended Western Washington University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He has a wife and two children namely Kayla and Jake. When he’s not busy, he spends time with his family. He also enjoys sports, fishing, the outdoors and camping. He social, sincere and humble. This has also enabled him to achieve whatever he has today. Tony is an amazing team player who emphasizes the need for quality of services and leads by example. All About Avisolve Avisolve is a leading IT company based in Arizona. The firm has a national reach and a strong local presence. They give customers advice regarding information technology issues. Avisolve has a wonderful relationship with suppliers, customers, employees as well as the rest of the community. Over the years, Avisolve has put in a lot of hard work to build lasting connections with other players in the industry. Avisolve has its headquarters in Phoenix, AZ and branches across the country. The provider has a variety of employees with plenty of different backgrounds, such as Marketing, Management, Engineering and Sales. Avisolve is successful due to good management and great leadership.