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Tips for Renovating Your Patio When things get warm, nothing beats quality time spent outdoors. This is perfectly true if you can do that from the comfort of your own abode. Certainly, the patio must be ready, and if you’re planning a renovation, there are a few things you must consider. Yes, you’ll likely need a pro to guarantee great results, but nonetheless, you have to be in control of the project. Besides, it’s your property! The Weather Forecast
What You Should Know About Materials This Year
Before anything else, check the weather forecast. You’ll require no less than 48 hours of clear blue skies, temperatures higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, including overnight, and not too much moisture. If it seems like your weather will be unpredictable within the next two days, postpone!
What You Should Know About Materials This Year
Discussing with Your Contractor There are many things you need to discuss with your contractor. A well-chosen professional would know exactly what to do, but just the same, you also have to be aware of the crucial steps that should be taken. For instance, this could be as simple as washing the patio prior to staining or painting. If you skip this part, you’ll be locking in dirt and other debris under the coating, and that won’t look nice.. When the patio dries, be sure to look out for for any loose nails or screws on the structure that may need replacing, rotting pieces of wood or maybe boards. Priming and Painting Primers can really come in handy, eliminating the need for wood to be sanded and stripped, and saving your contractor and you a whole lot of time. Of course, once the primer paint has dried, the real transformation begins – applying paint color! The paint color you pick must complement your deck and the rest of the home, giving the space a fresh new look. For a really worn patio, tell your contractor restoring paint should be used for the horizontal boards (he probably knows that though). And make sure any excess paint that has seeped between the boards, is scraped off. Staining Many people don’t like painting over natural wood. If you’re one of them, choose a stain that will both enhance the appearance and strengthen the wood. For new wood, perfect choices would be transparent stains and clear finishes. Otherwise, a semitransparent stain will be fine. The pigment will also serve to protect the wood against the sun’s damaging effects One of stain’s advantages over paint is that it’s easy to absorb, preventing peeling or chipping. Of course, there are other options for redoing your patio, such as power washing for stone or concrete surfaces, or even getting a new set of furniture. You’re the one who knows best. It’s your patio.