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Things to Understand When Performing Website Maintenance Services

The number of extensions to a website depends on the complexity of the site. But in general, it does not happen a week into a WordPress site without there being one or more extensions to update. These are very important website maintenance services. Sometimes minor and sometimes critical, they require the intervention of a qualified person to:

  • Install the new version of an extension without removing the customizations made on the site;
  • Check compatibility with the website in several ways;
  • Downgrade version of extension in case of problem; and
  • Re-parameterize the extension, in case of a major update (for an e-commerce module for example)

Some extensions can be updated quickly and without any real danger. But others are much more complex and can be tricky to maintain. Most updates notify the website owner directly within its administration interface. This is the case for WordPress updates and extensions. Concerning each theme, it is possible that the developer of the theme sends the site admin or owner a notification or an e-mail to warn the person in question about the extension. But this will only happen if he or she has detected a problem.

The best way to keep a website safe is to keep a technological watch on it, which means to regularly inquire what is said around the WordPress community. There are many people in said community that work entirely on website security. This technological watch is essential because it warns users of major flaws, massive infections, and other dangers, all of which cannot be solved easily. The use of security modules will allow websites relative security. On the other hand, perfect security does not exist. Your website is stored on a computer, runs user programs, and computers, like programs, are vulnerable. This is why maintaining websites tend to be very important.

Prevention is better than cure. It will be much simpler to secure a site than to remove an infection once it sets in. In case a problem occurs, the restoration of the site in question will take several days and if the site owner subcontracts the issue, more fees could be evident. If a person lacks the skill or time to update their website on their own, many experts recommend they go through a professional.