Maybe you are a person who has professional skills in website design but does not understand SEO, or vice versa, you do not have professional capabilities in website design, but you have professional SEO capabilities, so your website has a good design but without SEO practices, things that are a very bad thing. Because a good website will be useless if it is not balanced with good SEO too. As LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO can help you to optimize the website’s SEO with their quality and experience.

And anyone can understand, that through good graphic design, and the greatest content, finally optimizing the use of search engines or what is known as SEO, creates success. If you have professional class web design capabilities, it’s time to play these 10 SEO formulas as web designers.


Make Sure the Site Is Developed Using Responsive Design.

Obviously, this is the number one priority. Responsive web design will ensure that all visitors can easily visit any of your website pages, and can view and read your content. With a design that does not have a good response, it will only get your visitors out of your site after viewing the homepage.


Choose Primary & Secondary Keywords.

Believe it or not, a great SEO web design starts with research on keywords and keyword planning. Use and use the keyword detection tool before playing the right keywords.


Group Keywords 2 to 3 Groups.

After the main keywords are arranged, group them into two or three groups in the matrix.


Map Keywords to Specified Pages.

Take small groups of keywords and navigate to a specific page from the site that is being created. You will need one particular page per group for related keywords.


Pointing Monetized Keywords for the Homepage.

If the site is most vulnerable to receiving inbound links, the best 2-3 keywords must be on the homepage.


Draft Title Tags, Meta Description, & URL Structure.

Arrange keyword title tags, meta descriptions, and URL structures and keywords for each page of the site.


Draft Supporting Content Per Target URL.

Write content that will support every page of the site. Aim to use keywords that are assigned to each site page in content two or three times.


Determine the SEO Silo Strategy.

Know how to connect the site’s interior pages together. You must embed at least one link in the content of each interior page and links to other interior pages. Use the reverse silo if you are in a competitive online industry to build link juice from blog posts to interior pages, money paths to the homepage.


Leverage Anchor Text In Silos.

From the links built on the interior page, don’t forget to optimize the anchor text according to the linked page.


Select & Optimize Supporting Images.

Every page of a website must have a supporting image for aesthetics. Before uploading a photo, first, optimize the photo file name to enter keywords related to the page. (Another reason why there should be an initial keyword map in an SEO strategy) Besides optimizing the image with the right alt tag, including the keywords.


If that is the 10 right steps to design your website so you can get maximum results in the eyes of search engines.

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