20 Best Accessories for Men That You Should Own in 2024

It’s a well-known and established fact that the best accessories for men elevate any outfit. In fact, the more minimal the outfit, the greater the role accessories play.

How much do a cool bracelet, watch, and shades elevate a basic summertime t-shirt and shorts, for example? How much do a cool bucket hat and scarf add to a cozy fall-vibe look? And how important are a cool watch and messenger bag in adding some individuality to a formal office suit?

Individuality is actually a key point in itself, as accessories are a fantastic way to demonstrate your own personal style and creativity. From a cool weekend bag to a unique watch, accessories are a really fun way to add another dimension to your hopefully already cool outfit.

Key Takeaways

Accessories are an essential and easy way to add individuality, creativity, and fun to your outfit. But they also don’t need to cost a fortune—a simple bag, pair of shades, or a stylish wallet can add so much to the aesthetic of any outfit.

Have fun and experiment with different styles and looks. My favorite accessory is actually a silver chain, closely followed by a watch and a cool scarf in the chillier seasons.

man wearing a bucket hat carrying a tote bag
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RayBan RB3565 Jack Round Sunglasses

Perhaps no accessory (a) is more useful. or (b) will add so much to the vibe of an outfit as a cool set of shades. And although I could recommend any number of brands, it’s hard to look past Ray-Ban. From their extensive and varied range to the ability to personalize frames and lenses, you’re sure to find a pair that perfectly suits your face shape.

Personally, my latest purchase was these cool ‘Jack’ shades with a silver/blue reflective lens for that summer style. They’re actually great in lower light conditions as well due to their light tint. If you don’t already have a pair of Aviators, these should be top of your list as one of the all-time best accessories for men.

Tissot Seastar

The wristwatch deserves its place in the timeless hall of fame of men’s fashion accessories. As well as serving an obvious purpose, a nice watch can really elevate your outfit. A casual watch is versatile, perfect for those occasions when you don’t want to be too dressy. Think of nights out at the bar with friends or dinner on a rooftop patio.

And by choosing a watch such as this Tissot Seastar, you will have a piece to pair with a wide range of outfits from casual weekend looks to a formal suit. Tissot watches have no right to look as good as they do, considering their relatively affordable price point, and this Seastar with its cool blue dial and bezel looks as good as a watch costing ten times as much.

Balenciaga Cash Pouch With Card Holder

Start with style and function by snagging a dapper wallet. A great wallet will be the perfect complement to a guy’s wardrobe. It can also be used as an expression of personal style and good taste. While a wallet may not define your whole look, it should definitely have enough room to hold all the cards and cash you need.

While one of the more practical men’s accessories, this slick leather wallet by Balenciaga is really cool, particularly with its detachable lanyard for that neck-worn vibe. Although described as a cash pouch, it also has an external wallet for holding cards.

Very much like a quality leather messenger bag, this wallet will look even better with age as the leather matures with a nice patina. Consider high-end wallets as a good investment—you’ll have this accessory for years.

Mismo Explorer

A quality weekend bag is a must-have. It’s the perfect way to pack all your daily essentials in one place while still making a fashion statement. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style for practicality. There are plenty of options that don’t compromise on either, and oh look, here comes Mismo now.

The textured luxury of canvas and leather has never looked so stylish in nine different colorways. Mismo covered all the bases from a practical perspective as well. This bag is waterproof, spacious, and it transforms into a backpack. Appropriately named the explorer, it’s safe to say, you’ll be adventuring in style.

Jil Sander Key Holder

Don’t underestimate the power of a great keychain—it can go a long way in elevating your look. Definitely one of the smaller men’s accessories, but no less useful. It’s all about the little details, and carrying a bulky jangling mess is a detail to avoid.

A quality accessory like a leather key wrap by Jil Sander can easily make you look more put-together and stylish. With a stainless steel wire fastening to add an industrial vibe, this key wrap can hold five keys. Welcome to the cooler way to keep your essentials together than the traditional key ring. After all, confidence is key.

Lucafaloni Cashmere Gloves

If you don’t lose them as often as I do, you should get years of wear from a high-quality pair of gloves. Maybe you’re looking for a classic pair of leather driving gloves or a vibrant pattern statement. Either way, a nice hand covering can be a great way to spice up an outfit. They’ll keep your hands warm and add an extra layer of sophistication and style.

For a classy all-rounder, It’s a safe bet to rely on Luca Faloni. These Italian nubuck leather gloves are lined with cashmere for ultimate luxury vibes. These would look great with a wool winter jacket or town coat, particularly paired with a chunky scarf and beanie hat for that cozy cold weather look.

Prada Cable-knit wool scarf

The humble scarf may be one of the most underrated winter accessories for men. If your closet is facing a sorry lack of neck warmth, Prada makes some really cool chunky scarves. This wool cable-stitch scarf complete with a classy Prada tag is one of the nicest I have seen.

Perfect for keeping the cold out with swagger, this wool scarf would look great with a cool winter knit and beanie. Another investment piece, scarves are an accessory for men that will never go out of fashion. Their popularity since the 1920s should be proof enough.

Dedicated Socks Sigtuna Thermos

One can never have enough socks, yet they are so often overlooked. If you think that wearing socks doesn’t make much difference to your outfit, think again. From playful prints to vibrant colors and classic designs, socks are an accessory that can truly enhance any outfit. Not only do they add a touch of sophistication to your look, but they’re also a great way to add flair to a potentially mundane ensemble.

Dedicated has the perfect pair for adventure lovers with a thermos and a cup embroidered onto the sides. Throw these on to add a little extra flavor to your next date. While you’re at it, grab a few more pairs to spice up that sock drawer. It’s always nice to have a fresh pair of socks to rock with your latest kicks.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Arguably the most subjective of all accessory recommendations, cologne is a very personal choice. That said, I have received numerous compliments wearing Ombre Leather by Tom Ford, and some friends have even gone on to purchase it themselves, so it must have quite a broad appeal.

With top notes of leather and amber, this fragrance settles into quite a sweet jasmine and white moss scent lasting all day. Anyone who says cologne isn’t an accessory is making a serious mistake.

Roderer Award Messenger Bag

A solid leather bag exudes class and sophistication without even trying. Casual t-shirt and jeans? Leather bag. Tailored suit? Leather bag. Trousers and an Oxford button-up? You guessed it—a leather bag.

This leather messenger bag by Roderer may just be the accessory you’ve been missing. Made from soft Italian leather, it’s large enough to hold an iPad or small laptop, and has a minimal design that renders it suitable for everyday use. Given its slightly smaller size, it would really shine paired with a cool streetwear outfit. Perhaps a black leather jacket, some cool jeans, and leather boots.

Paul Stuart Woven Silk Micro Pattern Tie

One of the fashion accessories that needs to be reinstated is definitely the tie. Arguably the last piece of completely useless men’s formal attire in existence after the sad demise of the cape, monocle, and cane, we need to hold onto the tie. If only for its superfluous nature and sartorial elegance.

While you’re at it why not throw on a lovely silk number with some subtle polka dots? That sir is bold confidence at its finest. Silk ties also look fantastic with a suit. Yes, the smart open-collared shirt look is a vibe, but there’s nothing as elevating as a tie. Just don’t get me started on my campaign to reinstate the waistcoat.

David Yurman Meteorite Faceted Round Cufflinks

Now I know what you’re thinking—David Yurman cufflinks, really? Well, hold onto your oat milk flat white and hear me out… Yes, these cufflinks are expensive, perhaps 50 times more expensive than a set that will do just as good a job of keeping your cuffs in place. Or without causing a heart attack when you drop and almost lose one.

However, for those of you who rock double-cuffed shirts to the office, a set of these is worth the investment. You will have the coolest cufflinks in the game, and if you don’t lose them, you’ll still have them in 20 years. And they’ll still be cool. Regardless of the brand you choose, cufflinks can express your individual taste while completing an outfit with panache.


Pocket squares are a really great way to elevate a plain suit, adding a pop of color and personality. Just beware of patterned pocket squares paired with patterned suits to avoid spells of dizziness amongst your colleagues. If you get a bit lost in choosing a color, best to match it to your tie and purchase both simultaneously.

Pro tip—if you’re wearing your pocket square with an open-collared shirt, choose a color that complements the blazer. For example, a dark blue pocket square with a subtle pattern will look awesome with a navy suit.

Gucci Diagonal Interlocking G Sterling Silver Tie Bar

With an accessory as simple as a tie bar, you can go from zero to hero in no time. Not only does it keep your tie in place, but it adds your own personality and flair. Whether you’re wearing the same outfit day-to-day or just looking for something to give that extra oomph, a tie clip is the perfect solution.

A really great way to smarten up your tie game, I would choose a minimal tie clip for easy pairing with a multitude of ties. Avoid clips that are too intricate or fussy, as they can look like cheap novelty items that fell out of a Christmas cracker, particularly colored clips. However, a minimal silver tie clip is an ideal combination of classy and versatile. Wear it to the office or a wedding—it’ll great for every occasion.

Magnanni Caspe

A classic style of shoe, Chelsea boots originated in Victorian England and have been a staple piece in fashion ever since. With their sleek design and comfortable fit, they provide the perfect finishing touch to almost any look, from a sharp and polished style, or something more relaxed and casual.

Family-run Magnanni is, by a country mile, the finest shoe-maker I have come across for its craftsmanship, beautiful silhouettes, and supremely high-quality materials. The high-pile suede on these Chelsea Boots is almost moist to the touch, while the burnished toe and heel counter complement the beautiful golden color of the suede. Now add in one of the slimmest Chelsea boot silhouettes in the game, and these are definitely worthy of a place in your wardrobe.

Luca Faloni Leather Belt

With a classic leather belt, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a suit, a quality belt will complete the look and take it to another level. What color leather belt, you ask? It takes a lot of effort to go wrong with black.

Lucky for you, Luca Faloni is skilled in the classic, well-tailored aesthetic. Their black leather number is perfect for pairing with a cool pair of carpenter pants or dark-colored suit pants. Wear it at your own risk of receiving too many compliments.

Jacquemus LeBo Gadjo bucket hat

Hats are one of the best accessories for men as they can add a dash of personality and brighten up any outfit. Add a wavy aesthetic to your streetwear outfit with a cool bucket hat by Jacquemus. No less than eight colors are available, and you may just want all of them.

Jacquemus, being a luxury brand, also provides a really nice unboxing experience with their hats being delivered in bespoke dust bags, with a nice ‘Merci’ thank you note and some cool and funky stickers added for a dash of fun.

Miansai Volt Link Paper Clip Necklace

Sleek and stylish, a silver chain necklace brings a subtle touch of sophistication to your outfit that can take you from day to night. A day at the office or drinks with friends, it adds just enough edge without being overbearing. Plus, unlike most accessories, it works with all types of clothing, from casual tees to dressy blazers.

Miansai produces a quality range of good quality and cool men’s jewelry pieces, and this volt link necklace is a top for men looking for a minimal silver chain. While gold can elevate a chain, paper-clip chains aren’t for everyone. Don’t fret, Miansai has plenty more pendant-free options if that’s more your speed.

Magnanni Ondara II

A quality pair of dress shoes says you know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion, and that’s the kind of impression that turns heads. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive; just well-crafted, stylish, and something you’re proud to show off. As mentioned above, Magnanni produces the highest quality men’s dress shoes I have ever come across. And in comparison to the prices of uber-luxurious brands are somewhat of a bargain.

Beautifully hand-polished with a double monk strap and burnished detailing, this slimline leather shoe is an exercise in fine detailing and supremely high-quality hand-craftsmanship. It’s worth visiting the Magnanni store if you happen to be exploring Paris. Located in the Marais district, you can witness first-hand the care and attention that goes into hand painting and polishing each pair of Magnanni shoes.

Parts of Four ultra reduction bracelet

Whether you’re the type that likes to go all-out bling or prefers to keep things chill and subtle, the small things can make a big statement. Perhaps a simple silver ring or even an eye-catching bracelet—jewelry can be just as important as clothing when it comes to getting dressed.

In my opinion, Parts Of Four is one of the very, very few producers of genuinely unique, creative, and high-quality men’s jewelry. Each piece is produced by hand, and metal plates are soldered together to create the hollow three-dimensional form, making Parts Of Four jewelry even more interesting and desirable.

Based in Paris, Parts Of Four strike a balance between creativity and minimalism that’s incredibly difficult in the world of men’s jewelry, as simplicity is key. Case in point, their simple yet bold bracelet.

Rings and bracelets are a great way to accessorize your outfit, and their silver hybrid ring is even custom-made to suit your finger size. Try experimenting with rings on different fingers—one or two can look great with a cool streetwear outfit.

man wearing a silver chain necklace
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What To Look For In The Best Accessories For Men

Your Wardrobe

Every guy’s wardrobe should include a range of accessories to elevate outfits and express individuality and personality. A great deal of the accessories mentioned above are also practical, and some will even keep you warm during the cold winter months. Who said fashion is all form and no function?

Your Style

Accessories should reflect your individual style. Choose things that aren’t too outfit-specific, as like everything in fashion, versatility is key to building a good wardrobe. When in doubt, start with foundational pieces that will effortlessly adapt to wardrobe adjustments you might make in the future. Think solid leather belt or a timeless pair of Chelsea boots.

Your Budget

While accessories can be an inexpensive way to level up your fashion game, beware of really poor-quality pieces. You can spend a lot on expensive accessories, but personally (perhaps watches aside), I would advise against it. By their nature, accessories are very fashion-sensitive and the more fashionable something is the faster it will go out of fashion. By buying good quality but inexpensive pieces, you can regularly change things up and experiment more.

modified chelsea with two monk straps
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Final Verdict

The best accessories for men add individuality, creativity, and added style to any outfit. Personally, I think investing in a cool chain and a casual watch is a good place to kick things off. Then you can add to your collection when you see something interesting that catches your eye.

And let’s not forget the function of men’s fashion accessories. hats, gloves, and scarves will improve your winter game in more ways than one. For your year-round essentials, wallets, keychains, and leather messenger bags never miss the mark.


    • Absolutely. It’s difficult to think of a single outfit that can’t be elevated by the best accessories for men of some description. they’re the perfect way to add that extra bit of style and flair to any outfit. From a classic suit or something more casual, an accessory like stylish sunglasses or a statement hat can give your outfit that much-needed boost.

      • The fact that even the cool emoji is characterized by sunglasses tells you that shades are perhaps the coolest accessory for guys. They really do transform a look. I would add simple silver jewelry as well—particularly a chain and maybe a simple earring, or perhaps experiment with some cool rings.

        • Often less is more. A well-made pair of shoes will rarely let you down, and the right piece of jewelry can attract the right kind of attention. But accessories really come down to the person wearing them. A bucket hat, for example, can look really cool on some people but a beanie may suit others better.