Month: January 2022

How AI Is Instrumental in Transforming Cloud Computing?

The cloud computing market has made great progress in the last decade which in turn has largely affected the work culture in various ways.

Both, AI and Cloud Computing have turned out to be important in the current digital era. It is transforming professionals and businesses to store their valuable data.

Cloud is a pretty new technology and thus many firms or enterprises are worried about whether it will evolve over time or not. kampanye di media sosial Cloud technology with AI is shaping the future!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is playing its part to enhance cloud technology and helping to streamline the immense possibilities of the cloud.

AI & cloud computing together is bringing in changes in the corporate sector and the fusion is believed to be paving the future of technology.

Machine learning is one of the crucial aspects in the fusing of AI & cloud computing. It will assist the reduction of cybercrimes, make reliable & quick decisions, and improve the customer experience.

Cloud computing is changing the way of doing business and has become a significant computing commodity in different fields. The integration of AI in cloud computing is enhancing the capabilities within the market.

As more businesses are getting on the cloud, it needs to be more integrated with AI to attain business efficiency.

At a large scale, the role of AI in enabling cloud computing within the organization is to ensure easy access, workflow, storage, and sharing of data in the reduction of cost & energy.

Let us discuss in detail the role of AI in cloud computing…

The Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Cloud Computing

In recent surveys, the global value of AI is expected to cross 89 billion annually by the end of 2025. A significant portion of the money will result

Taliban Bans Afghan Women From Showing Up in Television Drama


The Taliban government has issued a new law that prohibits women from appearing in television dramas in Afghanistan. Female journalists and presenters were ordered to wear a headscarf when appearing on television, although it was not explained in detail what type of head covering that could be used.

Journalists consider that some of the rules issued by the Taliban are unclear and tend to have multiple interpretations. Hijab The Taliban’s latest guidelines for television channels in Afghanistan consist of eight new rules.

One of them is banning the screening of films deemed to be against Sharia principles and values ​​prevailing in the country. Impressions that show the intimate parts of the male body are also prohibited. In addition, the Taliban prohibits comedy and entertainment deemed insulting to religion or offensive to Afghans.

Films from abroad that promote foreign values ​​and cultures are also not allowed to be broadcast. So far, Afghan television has shown foreign dramas with women as the main characters. Hujjatullah Mujaddedi, a member of the organization representing journalists in Afghanistan, said he did not expect the issuance of this new regulation.

He told the BBC that some of the rules were impractical and could force broadcasters to close if implemented. The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in mid-August. Unisma Various parties fear that this Islamic militant group will impose strict restrictions and rules.

This concern reflects on the rules they implemented when they came to power in Afghanistan in the 1990s, which forbade women to get an education and work. After the Taliban took power again after the departure of US troops and their allies in August, they ordered girls and boys to stay home and not go to school.

The law makes Afghanistan the only country in the world that prohibits half of its population from