There has long been a debate about fonts and business letters, memos, signs, blogs, and anything font-oriented into anything business-related. Why? Because most long-term business owners know that different fonts can influence the overall reputation, and even success, of a business.


Fonts Can Exude Professionalism and Seriousness

Comic Sans is, without a doubt, the silliest and non-serious of all the fonts, but some up-and-coming business owners still use this fun font for newsletters and memos around the office. If you want your employees to take you seriously, you need to exude seriousness and professionalism. And silly fonts simply don’t convey that message, especially when you are trying to gain the respect of those that work with and for you.


Simple, Professional Fonts are Easier to Read

Not only are some fonts fun and silly, but they can be downright difficult to read. Simple, professional fonts are often concise and clear to make an easier read of your business send-outs. Additionally, some of the best professional fonts are already bolded, but still easy to read, to get your point across. Plus, different fonts can convey different creative ideas. For instance, you could throw your ideas out to digital dictation equipment, then go back to transcribe your dictation and play with the perfect, professional fonts.


Colorful or Bold Fonts Can Mean Different Things to Different People

Some people see big and bold fonts and immediately feel a sense of dread. Which can be made worse if those big and bold letters have business intent. Regardless of what the sender meant, colorful or bolded fonts often elicit strong emotions from the readers. If you want bold fonts, go with traditionally, naturally bold, such as Helvetica. And always opt for black or dark blue fonts to maintain that air of professionalism. You can use red on occasion, but keep it regulated to a single word or sentence that needs the utmost attention.


You Can Use Fancy Fonts to Enhance Your Business Personality, Sometimes

Fancy fonts that look like handwritten script are a no-go for classic business letters, memos, and blogs. Unless these fonts are being used as tangible, readable headers or business logos and signs. These scripts can enhance the elegance and beauty of your business advertisements, but they shouldn’t be used for the bulk or main text of your send-outs.

This article aims to have you looking at fonts in a new spotlight, because simple things like fonts can have serious impacts on how consumers view your business. Just remember to keep your lettering precise, concise, clear, and readable.

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