6 Bachelorette Party Style Tips for Brides and Guests

For better or worse, fashion usually plays a big role in bachelorette parties. Whether you’re the bride or a guest, attending this pre-wedding event will likely involve you wearing matching t-shirts, coordinated swimsuits, or sashes that jokingly describe your personality type. If coordinating outfits isn’t your thing, however, there are ways to host and/or attend a bachelorette party without sporting a matching tee and forgoing your personal style.

For instance, if you’re a maid of honor currently planning your best friend’s destination fête, ask guests to sport their favorite outfits within a specific color palette (like brown, red, or green) to keep the group looking in sync but not overly coordinated. It’s also okay for hosts to encourage their crew to wear ensembles that fit within a specific dress code or theme so that everyone looks put together without being matchy-matchy. After all, just because you’re planning a bachelorette party doesn’t mean you have to ask everyone to veer from the styles and aesthetics they tend to wear on a day-to-day basis.

That said, there are some bachelorette party style rules that brides and guests should always consider. To help break them down, we called on experts Jessica Janik, founder and owner of bridal concierge company The Invisible Bridesmaid, Jen Glantz, founder of Bridesmaids for Hire, and Jane Lu, founder and CEO of Showpo, to offer some etiquette tips and advice on what to wear to a bachelorette party. Here’s everything you need to know, no matter if you’re the bride, a guest, or a host.

Bachelorette Party Style Tips for Brides

As the bride, your bachelorette party is considered your “last hurrah” before walking down the aisle. So, here’s what to know when planning your outfits for this momentous pre-wedding occasion.

Think Beyond Wearing White

While it’s customary for brides to wear white during their pre-wedding events, you don’t have to stick to this traditional hue for your bachelorette party if your aesthetics tend to be more vibrant. “I personally think: It’s your bachelorette wear whatever makes you feel AMAZING! The convention of wearing white is not strict—I think making your outfit unique to you makes it extra special,” shares Lu. “Modern-day brides have the opportunity to either embrace tradition or try something new with a wide array of styles and colors based on preferences or the theme of the bachelorette. Ultimately, the key is for the bride to feel confident and happy in her chosen attire, be it traditional or taking a more contemporary and individualized approach.”

Avoid Wearing Expensive Clothing and Accessories

“From my experience, when selecting an outfit for your bachelorette party, it’s important to prioritize affordability and practicality over expensive pieces,” advises Lu. “Given the lively nature of such events, potential damage to your garments is not something you want to keep in mind during your bachelorette; you want to focus on having the best time with your best friends!” What’s more, the style expert shares that instead of putting money towards pricey bachelorette party looks, use that budget on other wedding day details, like your accessories, or on activities during your bachelorette party. “By shifting focus from extravagant attire to experiences, brides have the room to create lasting memories and connections rather than material aspects,” she adds.

Lean Into Fun and Flirty Styles

A bachelorette party is a celebratory time specifically curated for you, the bride, to have fun before tying the knot. With that in mind, lean into fun and flirty styles that encompass the spirit and essence of this pre-wedding event. A few styles and silhouettes Lu recommends are:

  • Sequin dresses: “Opting for a sequin dress for your bachelorette trip is a glamorous and fun choice—it’s perfect for your night-out plans. Whether you’re hitting the clubs or enjoying a fancy dinner with your bridal party, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd. I personally love the Shook Mini Dress [from Showpo]; the champagne color elevates your outfit.”
  • Sleek jumpsuits: “Jumpsuits are stylish and comfortable options for your bachelorette. Opt for a sleek and tailored jumpsuit that enhances your figure. You can go for a solid color or experiment with patterns. Jumpsuits are versatile and can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for various activities during the bachelorette trip. My go-to choice is the Malisha Jumpsuit for that chic look.”
  • Statement mini dresses: “A mini dress with unique and eye-catching details is the perfect choice, and is a versatile option to whatever your bachelorette event might be. This style is also perfect for brides who want to stand out and make a fashion statement during their celebration. I’d opt for the Allisyn Mini Dress for a standout, classic look!”
  • Trendy two-piece sets: “Experiment with a two-piece outfit, such as a crop top paired with a high-waisted skirt or pants. This modern and chic style allows brides to mix and match pieces, creating a look that is both stylish and personalized. I personally love the Amalee Fringe Two Piece Skirt Set, adding a really unique flare to your bachelorette outfit!”

Bachelorette Party Style Tips for Guests

Here, we list out the top style rules guests should follow when attending their friend’s bachelorette party.

Avoid Wearing White

Unless otherwise noted by the bride or host, guests should avoid wearing white for the duration of the bachelorette party (this is a standard rule for all wedding-related events, too). That’s because, as you likely already know, white is typically reserved for the bride, so guests should leave their white-on-white outfits at home for a later date, urges Janik. A little black dress, on the other hand, is the perfect style pick for those who’d like to wear a classic, solid color when attending this celebration.

Go With the Flow

Ultimately, as a bachelorette party guest, it’s important to go with the flow and wear whatever hat or bachelorette party-themed shirt the bride and host have asked you to wear. Remember that this celebration is about the bride, and if they absolutely love the matching tops they found online, or really want everyone to wear a certain color, just go with it! It’s not a good look to be a guest who constantly complains and contradicts the bride’s wishes.

That said, if you have major issues with the “dress code” or are completely uncomfortable with it, feel free to say something to the host. If you know you won’t feel great in whatever they picked out and your concerns are reasonable, you can most likely find an alternative option.

Always Keep It Classy

While everyone is entitled to dress in whatever manner they feel most comfortable, you don’t have to dress in the tightest, skimpiest outfit just because it’s a bachelorette party, says Janik. Since this is a wedding-related event, the bride’s family members and older wedding attendees will likely view photos on social media or after the event, so always be mindful of what you’re wearing and how you’re representing the bride. “While it may be tempting to rock that too-short skirt, think twice before you go out in an outfit you might regret the next day or in pictures,” Janik adds.


  • No, matching outfits aren’t required for bachelorette parties. Remember that everyone in the bridal party is a unique individual with their own personal style and preferences. However, for those hosting the celebration, if you’d like to embrace the tradition of matching shirts and accessories, don’t ask everyone to wear the same pants, shoes, belt, sunglasses, etc. “Instead, have one matching item between the crew, whether it’s T-shirts, headbands, or even tote bags, and then let each bridesmaid style the rest of her outfit to fit her personality,” Glantz says.

  • A bride and/or the host should avoid asking guests to wear looks that are “one size fits all” or pieces that might make some guests feel uncomfortable. “Not everyone is the same size or feels comfortable in the same type of clothing,” Janik says. For example, if you’re planning a poolside bash and found the perfect matching swimsuits, offer both two-piece and one-piece options.