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You definitely agree that customer satisfaction is a top priority for businesses and companies to continue to grow. Therefore, the company continues to strive for the best way to serve customers.

However, what often happens is that companies are not ready to manage some of these social media accounts for the needs of customers, such as the small example of replying to comments. This is due to the limited human resources that must manage one by one of these accounts.

The most effective and efficient way to manage all media to support the reply of queries from customers is to use the helpdesk application. The helpdesk application can accommodate customer queries from various media in one container, without having to open a corporate social media account one by one.
What is a helpdesk application?

Helpdesk applications are software that helps a department or department within a company respond to complaints, feedback, comments, problems or technical questions by providing information needed from various media.

You will only get the best helpdesk application by matching it to your company’s needs, for more information : small business IT support

Choose the helpdesk application according to the needs of your customer support team, so they can provide high quality service and fast response. Next we describe a few points on how to choose the best helpdesk application.

1. Analyze Your Customer Needs

Every company has different customer characteristics according to the company’s business field. You can find out by asking a few questions. What media is used by your customer to connect with the company? Do your company customers often contact you via telephone, social media, or email? How satisfied are your customers with the services received?

2. Analyze Your Customer Support Team Needs

Reflecting on customer needs, you must analyze what your customer support team needs to reach customers. If your customer prefers to interact and contact with social media, all you need is a helpdesk application that features social media. Meanwhile, if your customer prefers to search for information and ask questions through forums and communities or perhaps websites, then all you need is a helpdesk application that can be integrated with websites and a community forum.

3. Determine your Customer Support Team Strategy

Which will be directly related to the helpdesk application later is your customer support team. Make sure your team can operate and manage the software easily. So, the use of software will increase the productivity of your customer support agent / admin.

It would be better for each agent to be able to access all media accounts from e-mail, website, telephone, social media on one platform. Agents do not need to switch from one media account to another to respond to customer questions.

4. consider your budget to Have a Helpdesk Application

To calculate the budget get a helpdesk application several aspects that you can consider as follows:
Consider the Size of Your Team

Not all customer support software provides prices based on team size. Some provide hidden fees with time limits on the free series. Then you must be smart in choosing an application that provides complete features according to your company’s needs at a low price and as needed.
Compatible and can be integrated with other software

Make sure the helpdesk application that you are looking for can be integrated with other software in your department. For example, if your customer asks questions about payment, your helpdesk application supports data integration with your company payment software to find out payment details.

5. Make an alternative choice of customer support software

For this you must review the product. To do this you can look for it in a search engine like google with keywords such as “best customer support software” “best helpdesk application” “how to choose a helpdesk application”.

6. Look for the Helpdesk Trial Software

Give the trial to your support team. then, ask how they think they use the application. Is in accordance with the list of features needed by your company’s customer support.

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