The demand for educational Android apps aimed at teaching coding has surged in recent years. This reflects a growing interest in digital literacy and programming skills for more users. These apps offer interactive and engaging ways to introduce coding concepts, making learning fun and accessible for smartphone users. Here we’ll explore the seven most popular Android apps with over a million downloads that are empowering users to learn programming easily.

Learn Coding/Programming: Mimo (1 crore downloads — Mimo: Learn to Code)

Mimo is a coding app that teaches you Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL and CSS through tiny lessons and interactive exercises.You can learn at your own pace and build real-world projects to kickstart your programming career.

Sololearn: AI & Code Learning (10 million downloads — Sololearn – Learn to Code)

Sololearn is a free app that offers courses in coding, generative AI and web development. Learn by doing with bite-sized lessons, practice problems and build projects. Connect with a global community to share knowledge and showcase your skills.

Programming Hub: Learn to code (5 million downloads — Coding and Programming)

The Programming Hub app, created with Google experts, offers a fun and easy way to learn to code in over 20 languages like Java, Python, C++, HTML, Javascript, and more. With small courses, 5000+ code examples, and the world’s fastest compiler, it’s a one-stop shop for beginners and experienced programmers alike.

Programming Hero: Coding Fun ( 1 million downloads — Programming, Coding, and Coding Games)

Programming Hero app uses games and quizzes to make learning to code fun. Build a game while you learn Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. Master data structures, algorithms, web development and even app development with Java and Kotlin.

Enki: Learn to code ( 1 million downloads —

Enki is your AI work skills coach. Learn coding, data analysis, AI tools, and more with personalised lessons, practice exercises, and community support. With this app, you can also master in-demand skills like Python, SQL, and productivity tools.

Learn Python Programming (1 million downloads — Coding and Programming)

This app “Learn Python” is designed to help you learn Python programming, from beginner to expert. It offers tutorials, lessons, code examples, quizzes, and more, all for free. With a user-friendly interface, it lets you learn Python anytime and anywhere.

GeeksforGeeks – Learn To Code (1 million downloads — GeeksforGeeks)

GeeksforGeeks app offers a one-stop shop for programmers with tutorials, articles, interview prep and practice problems in various programming languages and computer science topics. Learn from a million-strong community and prepare for exams or land your dream job at a top company.


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