• Android 14 QPR3 beta features a new “easy pre-set” mode that focuses on legibility and accessibility, with enlarged icons and text and increased contrast.
  • The mode may be released in Android 15 rather than in June due to the early stage it’s still in.
  • The QPR3 beta also includes other features such as revamped chat bubbles for tablets and dynamic touch sensitivity adjustment for Pixel phones.

Let’s face it: phones have become increasingly complex over the years, and not everyone wants to deal with all the features their handset offers. Some people may even have impairments that prevent them from easily taking advantage of all the best bells and whistles of Android. That’s where a new “easy pre-set” may come in, which was spotted under development in the new Android 14 QPR3 beta.

While we haven’t seen what exactly this new easy pre-set will look like, Mishaal Rahman was able to dig up some preliminary details about the mode ahead of time for Android Authority. The Android expert was able to access the setup page for the special mode and some strings indicating what exactly is different compared to the regular Android experience, but he wasn’t able to access the easy pre-set itself just yet.

Strings in the code and the description on the easy pre-set setup page indicate that it will focus on legibility and accessibility “by enlarging icons and text, adding contrast and bold, and adding navigation buttons to the bottom of the screen.” Mishaal Rahman additionally says that it will switch out the current wallpaper for an all-black one instead, which further increases the contrast and legibility.

Even though the feature was spotted in Android 14 QPR3, it’s more likely that it will show up in Android 15 the earliest. Google has long started testing upcoming features in earlier builds of Android. The fact that the mode isn’t fully functional just yet adds further weight to the idea that it might be released later than in June, which is when Android 14 QPR3 is supposed to go live.

The new Android 14 beta has a few more new features hidden up its sleeve. It might bring a revamped version of chat bubbles to tablets, keeping chats with your most important friends and family members right at your fingertips. It could also allow Pixel phones to dynamically adjust its touch sensitivity to the environment, and the Pixel Fold could learn a trick from the OnePlus Open.

Android 14 QPR3 beta 1 is currently rolling out to Pixel phones enrolled in the Android beta program. As always, it’s best to stick with the stable version if you want to ensure that you won’t run into potentially phone-breaking bugs, but if you have a spare phone and are curious what’s coming next, you can easily join the QPR beta.


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