Losing your Android phone could soon become less of a hassle thanks to a major upgrade to the Find My Device network. Currently, if you’ve activated Find My Device, you can see your phone’s last known location on a map, but only if it’s online with location services on.

Expanded Compatibility

The upcoming upgrade removes these limitations. Not only will it work with devices like Android phones and Wear OS watches, but it will also include Bluetooth trackers from popular brands such as Tile, Chipolo, and Pebblebee, according to a Techradar report. This means you can track items like wallets or keys by attaching a Bluetooth tracker, even if they don’t natively support Find My Device.

An exciting aspect of this upgrade is that items won’t need an internet connection or location services to be tracked. Other Android devices connected to the Find My Device network will be able to locate your belongings through Bluetooth proximity. Given the vast number of Android devices globally (over a billion), this network is poised to locate missing items almost anywhere.

Similar to Apple’s Find My network, Google assures that location data is encrypted, ensuring only you have access to your item’s location information, not even Google.

Enhanced Personal Safety

This update also tackles personal safety. Android phones will now alert you about unknown trackers that could be used for stalking. Your phone can send notifications if it detects an unfamiliar tracker traveling with you. By manually scanning Bluetooth, it distinguishes between a tracker that’s intentionally following you and one that’s simply nearby due to other people.

Detailed Tracking Information

When an unknown tracker is spotted, you’ll receive a map pinpointing where it was first detected and the path it took. You’ll even have the ability to play a sound on the tracker to help locate it, along with instructions on how to disable it.

However, it’s important to note that this feature initially only detects AirTags (though this will change), and its performance with them might have some hiccups. Google is likely to fine-tune this aspect over time.

In short, the new Android Find My Device upgrade is set to make tracking lost items and ensuring personal safety more efficient and accessible. With expanded compatibility and enhanced tracking capabilities, it’s a step forward in providing users with greater peace of mind.


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