In present times, telecommunication plays a crucial role in one’s life. Telecommunication is considered to be significant for modernity and growth. Basically, telecommunication is the process as well as medium through which one can share information with one another. Telecommunication is a huge part of development, as it not only helps in exchanging important information, but it also does it faster and at comparatively low prices than older methods.

Nowadays, it is important for an individual or a nation to exchange information as fast as they can.  In telecommunication, mobile phones have been the most vastly used device. A mobile is simply a wireless and developed telephone that can be taken from one location to another without any problem. From twenty first century, mobile phones have become one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. Mobile phones are used for personal or other purposes, mostly for communication between two parties. A mobile phone lets you make calls, send text, and access internet through a SIM card.

Every individual looks for a SIM card that is most beneficial for them. A SIM card is most beneficial, when it has value for money and offers the most of its services on low recharge. All around the world; there are several mobile network companies that manufacture their SIM cards and sell them to people. These companies might be global or national, depending upon how many countries they sell their SIM cards in, that is, how many countries have their networking.

In India, Reliance Jio Infocom Limited is the newest mobile network company to start its networking services. Reliance Jio is one of the most rapidly growing and with 16 million subscribers in a month, one can say, the fastest ramp up mobile networking services all over the world. Jio also have the largest data network all over the world, as it lets every customer access internet. Jio recharge provides one with unlimited voice calls, unlimited data, and unlimited texts. Once recharged Jio, regardless of amount, Jio offers free voice calls on any network. Since Jio has a large networking range (it is the only networking company to have 4G networks in all 22 regions in India), one can experience the best quality voice calls all over India.

Also, Jio has been using Optical Fiber cables without associating with any other company, like other networking companies do, Jio offers best voice quality, as optical fiber cable does not let noise to be induced in it and corrupt the information. It offers only one generation of networking (fourth generation), they have better output. Also Jio recharges are considered to be cheaper as they offer more services than any other network at about same rates. Jio is also much cheaper than any other network as they have only 4G networks, which is also beneficial for company as they have to manage only one generation.

Reliance Jio has proven to be touching their customer’s hearts since they walked in the business. With over a hundred million subscribers in just two years, It is definitely one of the top most choices of people in India.

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