Your Fire TVs, Echo Shows and other Amazon devices may soon ditch Android in favour of a new custom operating system. Reportedly, the new operating system has been codenamed Vega OS, and will be based on the Linux platform. This was first reported by Lowpass, according to which, Amazon has been working on this plan for about six years now. As of now, there is no timeline for when the purported Vega operating system will be available, the report claims that the development is “already done”.

Essentially, Amazon using its own OS would mean that the company will not have to be dependent on Android’s open source project (AOSP) for its devices, which has led Amazon devices to fall generations behind Android’s current versions. For perspective, the current Fire TV software is based on Android 9, which was released in 2018. Obviously, to keep its monopoly, Google restricts some offers to use in the AOSP so that its own version remains most feature-rich and current.

Vega, characterised as a web-centric operating system built on Linux, is currently in development with the participation of numerous individuals in Amazon’s Device OS group. This upcoming operating system is intended to be the driving force behind all Amazon devices, encompassing Internet of Things (IoT) products. The overarching objective is a complete replacement of Android on Fire TV devices.

The report suggests that Amazon is actively engaged in developing the SDK to incentivise developers to build applications for the purported Vega OS. This is an indispensable undertaking because, regardless of the performance or speed of a new operating system, its viability is essentially compromised without adequate app support.

Amazon envisions extending Vega’s presence beyond Fire TV to include applications in in-car entertainment systems and other forthcoming hardware products, as per the report. Although the precise release schedule for Vega remains uncertain, given the company’s target to introduce it on specific Fire TV devices by 2024, an official announcement might be imminent.

But why is Amazon’s switch to Vega OS important for you?

  1. Amazon’s custom OS may offer better integration with Fire TV devices, potentially improving user experience and performance.
  2. The custom operating system could introduce unique features tailored specifically for Fire TV, providing users with functionalities that are not available on generic Android OS.
  3. Amazon may prioritise security and privacy features in its custom OS, addressing concerns that users may have about data protection on their Fire TV devices.
  4. The new OS might be optimised for Fire TV hardware, potentially leading to improved speed, responsiveness, and overall system efficiency.
  5. By using its custom operating system, Amazon has more control over the ecosystem, allowing for seamless integration with other Amazon services and products.

Published By:

Nandini Yadav

Published On:

Nov 10, 2023


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