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Google extends timeout duration for BigQuery and looker, empowering users with longer query times

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Image Source : FILE Google enhances the media browsing experience with a new media viewer for Google Chat on Android

Google has recently introduced an enhanced media viewer for Google Chat on Android devices, aiming to enhance the browsing experience for users. The update brings several improvements to the media viewer, including faster opening of media thumbnails in full screen, quicker repeat playback, and the ability to swipe through all media within a conversation, as stated in a blog post on Google’s Workspace Updates.

One notable addition is the shared media option, which allows users to conveniently browse through all media shared in a Chat conversation. This feature can be accessed both from within the conversation and from the full-screen view of each media item. With this enhancement, users can effortlessly navigate through various media files without any hassle.

In addition to the media viewer improvements, Google has made updates to the timeout duration for certain operations in its services. Previously, any queries that took longer than five minutes would time out in Connected Sheets. However, Google has extended the timeout time from five minutes to 10 minutes specifically for BigQuery and Looker. This adjustment gives users more time to execute complex queries and perform in-depth analysis using these services.

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Furthermore, Looker users now have the capability to filter by measures in a pivot table, enabling them to conduct more precise and focused analysis within Connected Sheets. This added functionality allows users to refine their data analysis by filtering data based on specific measures.

The updates from Google aim to improve user productivity and provide a more seamless experience within its services. The enhanced media viewer in Google Chat offers a smoother and more efficient way to browse and interact with media content, while the extended timeout duration in BigQuery and Looker allows for more comprehensive analysis and data processing. These advancements further solidify Google’s commitment to enhancing its services and empowering users with powerful and user-friendly features.

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