• A dedicated Gmail app has now been made accessible on Wear OS, allowing users to manage their inbox directly on their smartwatch.
  • Google has been working on developing a Gmail app for Wear OS for months, with rumors of testing on a Pixel Watch last year.
  • While Gmail is now available on the latest version of Wear OS, there is no indication that it will be rolled out for the Apple Watch any time soon.

Gmail remains one of the most critical components of Google Workspace, but it hasn’t always been easily accessible. For example, those sporting a smartwatch with Wear OS haven’t had many options to manage their Gmail accounts on the go. Phones can push Gmail notifications to Wear OS, but the only options have been to archive, reply, or delete emails. Now, Google is delivering on its promise to bring Gmail to Wear OS.

The Gmail app debuted alongside the Pixel Watch 2 today, which also happened to be when the Made By Google event was held (via 9to5Google). Using the same listing in the Google Play Store as the Gmail app for phones, you can download the watch-optimized version of the app for Wear OS 3 or Wear OS 4 to begin managing your inbox directly on your smartwatch. Google has notably been working on developing a Gmail app for Wear OS for months. Rumors began swirling that it had been testing such an application last year on a Pixel Watch, but nothing was confirmed.


Gmail’s Play Store page now lets you install the app on WearOS devices

Despite this, there was evidence that the company had been gearing up to bolster its suite of apps for Wear OS. For instance, Google partnered with Samsung to begin launching updated versions of Wear OS for the Galaxy Watch product line. It also mentioned it was working on Wear OS 4 less than a year ago, specifically calling it the “next generation OS for Wear.” The development process was based on Android 13. At the time, it was suggested that the company would also be focused on Google Calendar integration. Similar to Gmail, Calendar features have been notably limited on Wear OS.

Although Gmail has made it to the latest version of Wear OS, it’s worth noting that there is no sign that it will be rolling out for the Apple Watch anytime soon. This means that, even though notifications can be pushed to the device, functionality is still limited in terms of email management.

Generally speaking, a smartwatch like the Pixel Watch or Galaxy Watch might be the best option if you frequently rely on Google apps. Google isn’t always quick to integrate its products and services for streamlined use. That being said, there’s at least a chance that it will happen in time, given they are united under the same umbrella. This is ultimately a better bet than hoping competition eases between tech giants like Apple and Google. Cross-brand compatibility isn’t unheard of, but why wait when what you need is already available?

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