Rub testing has become a necessity for the efficient functioning of a company. It allows companies to comply with government and industry standards and regulations. It is essential for any company that handles fabric or paper-related products.

Procedure of Rub Testing

The best way to perform rub testing is to hire an experienced rub testing company. You can buy a rubbing tester so that it is used for quality control in your company. Once you have purchased a rubbing tester, figure out what you need to achieve with it. Your rub tester should be easy to use. That way, you will need little efforts to complete tests that need to be done at regular intervals.

Sutherland ink rub tester helps you gauge the amount of scuff or abrasion generated during transit or storage. The test is necessary for labels of medical apparatus and pharmaceutical products. Rub testers help perform ink tests on printed labels. Rub testers put a stamp in the machine during label testing and use the same machine to attach a similar tag to a weight. The examiner rubs the two labels together at a specified speed to examine how the label resists damage.

In the textile industry, rub testing helps determine the colorfastness of dye in the fabric. Over time, rub testing has become an essential test in the textile industry. It also helps determine how well fabric resists damages. Colorfastness test can be performed on wet or dry fabric. All you need is a small piece of fabric or white test cloth. After putting your white cloth on the grating, a stainless wire is used to stag it. Examiners rub cloth swatches together to determine the amount of color rubbed off on the test cloth. The degree of change in color is measured through the grey scale. Your fabric will resist fading if it has an excellent colorfastness. Factors that affect the outcome of colorfastness test include the color of your fabric, material, and its use. Good colorfastness indicates that your fabric is durable. Testing abrasion resistance helps a company to meet industry standards.

Choosing a Rub Tester

There is a broad variety of rub testers in the market. Therefore, it can be challenging to find the one that suits your company. As such, it’s important to consider the benefits of choosing a certain type of rub tester for your company. When selecting a rubbing tester, it’s important to understand the objective of scuffing and the expected results. Rub testing can help you determine the most durable and cost-effective ink for your application. It also enables you to choose the best combination of materials during product labeling. That ensures your product meets the needs of the end user. It also reduces production cost significantly. However, there are seemingly unlimited types of inks and label materials. The best way to test the durability of label materials and ink is to use a rubbing tester.

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