Apple sees India not just as a large market but also as a global hub for manufacturing and innovation, according to Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer, Apple Inc.

“What we wanted to do in India was bring the best of Apple to India. We have brought different functions within Apple here. We view India as great from a number of points of view. I think the skill here is our very unique, the vibrancy of the people and the culture, the dynamism of the market, the feeling that anything is possible. All of these things bode well for India’s future, and we want to be a part of it.  We want to be a part of it for all of ourselves, mot not just a part of it, from a marketing point of view.  I can’t stress enough. We are all in,” Cook said while replying to a question from businessline on the sidelines of a developer event in Mumbai. 

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Local connect

Even as Apple Inc is celebrating 25 years in India by ramping up its manufacturing and retail presence in India, the iPhone maker is also scaling up its engagement with Indian developers as part of its strategy to drive innovation for its global user base. For example, at the Mumbai event, Sandeep Ranade, a Hindustani classical musician, showcased an Apple-exclusive app NaadSadhana which is being subscribed to by amateur and professional musicians in different parts of the world. Anusha Dhanuka and Anupam Dhanuka’s Kiddopia is another example of Indian developers leveraging on Apple’s app ecosystem.

 Apple is also marking a major expansion with the opening of its first Apple Store locations in Mumbai and Delhi. The company is also strengthening its manufacturing infrastructure in India. All this comes on the back of record sales in the country for the American company. 

“India over time will be one of Apple’s largest markets. India’s journey will be an extraordinary journey. The scale will be enormous because I feel it in the people here. Ultimately, a country’s success comes down to people and culture. I think the country’s GDP is going to just have an extraordinary run,” Cook said. 

When asked what his expectations are in terms of revenue and exports from India, Cook did not give any specific target but said its going to be “huge”.  On the possibility of investing in Indian start-ups, Cook said Apple has very few minority investments in other companies. “I wouldn’t want to predict what we would do there but it would have to be an unusual situation,” Cook said


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