Leyard Europe’s LN Series LED screens used at the Flanders Technology and Innovation Festival (FTI), a six day celebration of technology and innovation Belgium

Leyard Europe’s LN Series LED screens were deployed at the Flanders Technology and Innovation Festival (FTI), a six day celebration of technology and innovation hosted across different cities in Belgium. The entertainment part of the event takes place on the beautiful Buda Island, in Kortrijk, and is organised by Hangar K.

Split into five distinct areas, the space celebrates new technology with an educational bias. During the festival children, educators and interested adults are invited to test out new equipment and immerse themselves in gaming.

Installed by the Leyard Europe team, the Unwrap Arena VP stage utilised a cornered arrangement, allowing visitors to be surrounded by game footage that could be displayed thanks to the modular design of the LN series. Audiences were intrigued by the unique arrangement, according to Vincent Vanderbeck, chief catalyst, Hangar K.

“Our Virtual Production area was intended to have a nice seamless display of the screens in a U form. The result was impressive and most of our visitors were intrigued by the U shape and the seamless display,” he said.

In terms of content creation for the VP stage, a Naturalpoint Optitrack solution was used to track the movements of the visitors and adjust in real time the rendered content on the screen. This immersed the visitors into a virtual world.

The LN series also created a second large auditorium setup for the Unwrap Arena. It was used to display a large-scale multi-player videogame. Visitors could play ‘retro-style’ games on screen.

Cris Tanghe, vice president product, Leyard Europe, added: “Our new LN Series were the perfect fit for these temporary setups. The modular design not only allows easy installation, it also simplifies take down. Both setups were installed in matter of hours. Simple but yet providing a stunning visual result.”

Vanderbeck concluded: “We were very grateful to be able to work with this brand-new technology, the result was more exciting than we could have imagined. We hoped to wow the audience and we really did.”


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