Microsoft has announced that it is ending support for Android apps and games on its Windows 11 platform. The latest development came into effect at the end of March 5, so users will no longer be able to utilize Android applications or games, including those sourced from the Amazon Appstore.

The decision comes as Microsoft plans to discontinue the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), the service responsible for enabling Windows 11 to run Android applications from the Amazon Appstore. The service is no longer operational, and it subsequently shut down even if it is still visible to you. So, the Android apps and Amazon Appstore will get non-functional on all Windows 11 devices. It is better to back up the data if you haven’t already and the services are still available to you.

Despite the cessation of WSA support, Microsoft acknowledges alternative methods for running Android apps on Windows. While unofficial channels may provide avenues for continued usage, Microsoft recommends exploring options such as Google Play Games for those seeking to play Android games on PC.

The decision to discontinue support for Android apps and games on Windows 11 marks a strategic shift for Microsoft, potentially impacting millions of users who have integrated Android functionality into their Windows environment.

While the announcement may disappoint some users who have grown accustomed to the convenience of running Android apps on Windows 11, people can consider using emulators like BlueStacks to use Android apps on a PC or laptop. Th experience is mostly smooth and the service doesn’t crash.

Besides, Microsoft just recently released a new update for Windows 11. It brings a few enhancements and new built-in functionalities. Among the highlights are expanded control options for Copilot, including Voice Shortcuts for accessibility, a new Generative Erase feature in Photos, improved Snap layouts, and adjustments to the Widgets system. While the update has already been rolled out, not all features will be immediately activated.

Scheduled for late March, Copilot’s enhancements will enable users to prompt actions such as activating battery saver mode or accessing accessibility features like Narrator or Magnifier. Additionally, Copilot will display available Wi-Fi networks, storage status, and facilitate emptying the recycling bin.

Moreover, the Photos app will see the introduction of Generative Erase, allowing users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from photos. This feature resembles AI-driven selective photo erasers found on other platforms. Microsoft’s video editor, Clipchamp, will gain the capability to eliminate awkward silences from videos, further leveraging AI-powered functionalities.

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Ankita Garg

Published On:

Mar 6, 2024


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