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Korean education technology, known as ‘K-Edu Tech,’ is gaining attention on the global stage. Incorporating coding training, book reading, and AR education technology, this innovative content is making a mark among learners in Asia, the Middle East, and beyond.

One Korean company has successfully showcased its educational technology in Finland, the epicenter of education in Northern Europe: Sam Corporation.

In 2022, Sam Corporation was selected for the ‘Test Bed Helsinki’ startup-fostering program sponsored by the Finnish capital. The company successfully entered the local market, gaining recognition for its Proof of Concept (POC) and signing an MOU.

We interviewed with CEO Park Jaebum to discuss how Sam Corporation is introducing the world to Korean education technology, which combines various content with education.

Empowering Individuals to Uncover their Creative Potential with the ‘Creator Series’

Q. Please walk us through Sam corporation’s main services

Our company specializes in education technology and has developed an online platform that features our ‘creator series.’ Creation is an essential component of the content industry, with its increasing influence and growth. We believe that introducing children to various creative tools helps foster imagination and creativity, enabling them to become influential figures both locally and globally. That’s why we started developing our creator series.

Anyone can be a creator in today’s world, producing content in fields ranging from music and art to media. We want to help people uncover their hidden talents through our creator series.

Product of Sam Corporation (Photo source= beSUCCESS)

Q. In January 2023, the key technologies of ‘Story Creator’ were registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Could you explain this technology?

When creating content, the fundamental structure consists of the beginning and end of an event, and a conflict plot. We add details to this basic structure. For instance, in the story of Snow White, the main character faces conflict with her stepmother, the queen, and interacts with seven dwarfs and a hunter. We have structured this narrative.

Our technology allows users to change elements of the story, like replacing Snow White with the Little Mermaid as the protagonist, or swapping the apple for a grape to create a new princess tale. This structured approach enables endless story variations without compromising the core narrative. It’s the basis of our patented technology.

In our metaverse environment, users can communicate through linguistic dimensions. We’ve established four domains with distinct sectors: natural sciences, liberal arts, the human world, and the imaginary. These categories encompass all subjects, which are then structured.

We’re now working to integrate these subjects with English Creators, aiming to systematize and structure AI.

With the successful entry into the Finland market, the company now aims for the Indian market.

Training at Helsinki, the hub of education (Photo source: Sam Corporation)

Q. With your successful entry into the Finnish market, what are your plans for the European market?

Our company has always targeted the global market. Finland was receptive to our offerings and provided valuable feedback. We demonstrated our POC and initiated plans for incorporation there. After participating in the global education series BETT Show, we’re now preparing to enter the Indian market.

Pangyo Metaverse Hub, the office of Sam corporation (Picture source= beSUCESS)

Q. Sam Corporation is located in Pangyo Metaverse Hub. Have any programs there supported your overseas expansion or scaling up?

We’re part of the metaverse hub operated by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), which offers a pleasant space and various support programs. Tenant companies can use equipment free of charge.

When we launched our product, we used crowdfunding, which NIPA supported. These programs have been beneficial for startups like ours. Their support has enabled us to deliver high-quality products and services, which have received positive responses from overseas markets.

The location offers a conducive environment for businesses, with numerous government-led initiatives and support. Like Silicon Valley, Pangyo’s Open Space fosters creativity and collaboration, creating a win-win situation for entrepreneurs. It’s an ideal place for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Q. Do you have any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Everything starts with an idea. However, turning that idea into a successful product or service requires ongoing development and overcoming challenges. All aspects – technology, people, capital, and the environment – must align like a work of art. Just as a raw idea can become a masterpiece through refinement, entrepreneurs will face numerous failures and obstacles. If you persevere and embrace challenges, positive outcomes will follow.

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