Android’s Private Space is the next big feature of the operating system, and the internet giant is planning a more private experience by suggesting a separate Google account for the feature. This means that users logging in to their secondary account would help better set the regular access and private space apart, as recently discovered on Android 15’s beta. 

The new Private Space is also expected to appear on Android 15 which is speculated to a released this year, a feature meant for improved privacy and more. 

Separate Google Account Required for Android’s Private Space?

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9to5Google reported that a recent discovery from Google’s Android 15 Developer Preview and Android 14 QPR3 beta release included text that detailed Google’s suggestion of a new account for Private Space. The company will suggest a secondary account dedicated to the Private Space apps, one that would separate it from the primary one on the regular Android experience. 

Google said on its Private Space text, “Create a Google Account,” further saying that users can sign in to an account to use the Private Space. 

Moreover, Google also suggested to “Create a dedicated account to help stop data appearing outside private space,” one that would keep syncs, app download history and recommendations, browsing history, saved passwords, and more appear on the primary one. 

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What to Expect from Android’s Private Space

The Private Space would help separate one’s main access to the device from their personal use, one that could help users maintain their privacy on the likes of company-issued phones, or for those whose devices are constantly borrowed. 

Android 15 was said to be one to introduce private space, keeping everything within it away from prying eyes, and more.

Android 15, Private Space, and MORE

The next-gen smartphone operating system from Google is Android 15, following last year’s release of Android 14, one that was said to deliver important system updates for smartphones, tablets, and more. One of the biggest changes coming here is Battery Health improvements, a feature that will expand more on the information a user gets with their device’s power capacity. 

Moreover, it is also expanding on a security feature that will allow users to still track their devices despite being turned off, particularly helpful for theft cases or losing them for several days. 

Apart from this, Android 15 is also said to be bringing the Private Space feature that will have its specific landing page, away from the regular access to the device. 

Private Spaces or Secondary UIs are already available from specific manufacturers like Xiaomi, offering a new place for users to keep their files, and apps, and more safe from users that can access their devices. In the latest discovery, Google is looking to suggest creating a second account for it, one that would completely separate it from the primary account, further enhancing privacy. 

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