Sheridan Arts Foundation board member Adam Max believed that all people deserve equal access to the arts, regardless of their income.

A $1 Community Night, or “dollar night,”event, at the Sheridan Opera House started at Max’s suggestion, and today, it continues in his memory. He passed away in July 2020 after being diagnosed with cancer.

“Adam said he would personally (fund) the cost of the band, because he supported it (dollar night) so much,” said Ronnie Palamar, executive director of the Sheridan Arts Foundation. “He was very instrumental in dollar night. He was all for it and said there were people who needed to come out.”

The first dollar night was in 2019 with performer Emily Scott Robinson. Since then, the opera house has tried to have at least one event each year that is a dollar night, incorporating both local and regional artists.

Joint Point will be performing at the next dollar night on Saturday, Jan. 20, at 9 p.m., where entry into the event is only $1.

Palamar said dollar night is important because it allows people to enjoy music who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend shows at the opera house.

“It’s a shame we have people who live here who have never stepped foot inside the opera house,” she said. “It’s a 1913 historic landmark of our town and it’s a beautiful theater. It’s just part of the community.”

Hosting dollar night goes along with the Sheridan Arts Foundation’s mission statement, according to Palamar, which reads, in part, “The Sheridan Arts Foundation has continuously served to fulfill its three-part mission to… bring quality arts and cultural events to Telluride.”

“There are times when things need to be free, especially in a town like this,” she said.

Palamar hopes those working in the service industry will attend, because they often work late and miss performances in town.

“They (Joint Point) will play as long as they can, because they want the service industry to come out and see them,” she said. “Hopefully, they can at least catch the last hour of the show. We found out many haven’t even been to the opera house. They’re so busy with their lives, they don’t go out for entertainment.”

In addition to dollar nights, Palamar said she is hoping to bring more DJs to the opera house, because their sets often run later than other performers.

“We are trying to bring at least two or three well-known DJs during the winter season,” she said.

Manic Focus, an electronic music producer from Denver, is scheduled to perform at the opera house on March 7.

In the same vein, the opera house started Latino Night last year, hoping to bring together the Latinx community.

Agrupación Clave 5, a five-piece band from Montrose, performed at the last Latino Night, which was free and open to the public of all ages.

“Whether it’s a comedy show, kids’ program, concert or just a bar night, we are trying to get people into the opera house who maybe don’t have an opportunity to go there,” Palamar said.

Stuart Sundell-Norlin, vocalist and lead guitarist for Joint Point, said the band “couldn’t be happier” to be promoting live music at dollar night.

“We are so happy to do these (dollar nights) and really not only appreciative of the opera house, but the community as a whole for coming out over the years,” he said.

Joint Point, one of Telluride’s original jam bands to form over the decades, came together in 2008 by members who live on the Western Slope.

Sundell-Norlin describes their music as “psychedelic rock” with “lots of groove and improvisation.”

Joint Point’s music is accompanied by a light show to add an extra layer to their performances.

For a complete schedule of events and artist information, visit the Sheridan Opera House’s website at



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