The number of websites claiming to help you save on traveling is becoming endless. This makes it hard to know what sites to actually follow and trust. We want to help you find the best ones, so we composed a list of our 6 favorite travel deal websites. Continue below to read more about them.


Most likely Groupon isn’t the first site that comes to mind when thinking about useful traveling websites. Well, it should. Groupon’s getaway section lists deals that offer huge savings on vacation packages, special rates on hotels, and even occasional cruise listings. Travelers who hope to score one of these getaway deals need to buy fast, because they are only offered for a limited time.

Groupon also has a coupon section that offers discounts and coupons for most major retailers, including travel based companies like and These discounts and coupons help you save on traveling services and supplies.


AirfareWatchdog finds the lowest flight and hotel prices available. Every day, their team searches the internet for recent price reductions at major airlines all over the country. Subscribe to AirfareWatchdog to receive daily alerts about price changes. Alter your preferences to receive results catered to specific locations. For example, set a daily alert about flight price changes for New York to Nashville. You can also add the dates of travel.

Be ready to grab these deals as soon as they become available because they’re constantly changing. AirfareWatchdog finds deals from large and small airlines, which some other price comparison sites miss. This website makes it easier to monitor flights and book the cheapest deals possible.

Which Budget

Which Budget advertises itself as the Google for flights. You use this site to search a specific location, or from one destination to another, and then Which Budget lists the current best deals matching your search criteria. The deals are listed in order from cheapest to most expensive.

Which Budget gives you very specific details about these deals, such as locations, date to book, airline, and price. The site doesn’t let you book on it, but you can use this information to find and book these flights through the proper air travel channels.

Which Budget is especially useful for international travel and when you have travel flexibility. Many of the deals shown focus on traveling from one country to another. Use Which Budget with an open mind about your travel destination. You could end up flying to a beautiful country at a very low price.


Most people already know that Airbnb lets you borrow someone’s home or apartment for a day or an extended period. The home renting service is often more convenient, comfortable, and cheaper than booking a hotel.

Airbnb has made traveling a lot more cost efficient to millennials who once couldn’t afford to travel because of the huge hotel room price tag.


Priceline’s Name Your Own Price service makes it different from other travel deal sites. This tool allows you to bid on a hotel room or car to rent. You select the minimum number of stars, neighborhood, and dates of stay, and then submit an offer. You wait for the bid to get accepted or rejected.

The major downfall to this system is that you can’t control where you stay. So, you could end up staying at a hotel very far away from public transportation or in an unsafe area. But if you’re willing to chance it, Priceline really helps travelers save a lot.

The Nomadic Matt

The Nomadic Matt is a website created by travel expert and author Matt Kepnes. The site provides travelers with a boundless amount of articles. You can find everything that you want to know about traveling on Nomadic Matt.

This site provides a lot of useful tips, especially for frugal travelers.

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