XR Arts and Entertainment vendors are bringing new levels of immersion to how we interact with concerts, events, museums, and countless other environments. In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of holographic performances at festivals, immersive streaming experiences, and more.  

With virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies, A&E leaders can improve the accessibility of their events and deliver memorable experiences to a global audience. What’s more, immersive technologies are opening the door to new ways for creators to monetize their creations.  

We explored the evolving XR Arts and Entertainment landscape to bring you this map of the most innovative companies in the industry. 

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Arts & Entertainment Marketplace.

  • Creal 
  • Poplar Studio 
  • Xreal 
  • Khora 
  • MindPort 
  • Psychic VR Lab 
  • Figment Productions 
  • Backlight Studio 
  • Divr Labs 
  • Incarna Studios 
  • MeetSpaceVR 
  • Sensorium 

Audio-visual innovators Creal develop solutions that empower organizations to delight their audience with immersive augmented reality displays and virtual reality experiences. The company’s unique light field AR display blends digital images into the real world, paving the way for the development of holographic events.  

Creal’s virtual reality solutions use light field display technology to produce high-fidelity imagery through a headset that feels natural to the human eye. The company’s technologies are tuned to the needs of modern consumers, addressing common concerns like VR sickness, eye strain, and nausea. The solutions also don’t rely on eye-tracking technologies, which increases accessibility for budget-conscious companies. 

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Focusing on ecommerce and the marketing landscape, Popular Studio helps companies to create and deploy 3D and augmented reality experiences across digital channels. With their end-to-end 3D and AR virtual commerce solution, Poplar creates custom experiences for online websites without the need for extensive coding and programming.  

Poplar Studio can also work with organizations on the development of AR and 3D campaigns for social media and other marketing channels. The company has already created a range of immersive solutions for brands like Maybelline, Purina, and Louvolite to help them reach and engage their audience in the digital world.  

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XReal, previously NReal, produces both software and hardware for XR Arts and Entertainment initiatives and enterprise requirements. The company’s products range from the Air 2 series of augmented reality smart glasses to the XReal Beam, which helps stream immersive content and enhance spatial experiences.  

Alongside its collection of wearables, XReal also produces software solutions like the Nebula portal for Mac and Android, which can project 2D content into a 3D space. The solution can run on various compatible smartphones and a host of other platforms. Additionally, XReal also has its own augmented reality lab environment, where business leaders can develop their own immersive experiences.   

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Khora is a virtual and augmented reality production studio, that works with organizations in multiple industries to create bespoke immersive experiences. The company has designed arcades, showrooms, workshops, and educational experiences for a wide range of customers, including those in the Art and Entertainment space.  

Products produced by the company include the Khora Exposure virtual reality platform, which can be used for rehabilitation and treatment in healthcare. Plus, the Heka VR environment is designed specifically for people experiencing auditory issues. Khora also delivers the “Comfort XR” platform, tuned to the needs of children leveraging VR experiences.  

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MindPort is an XR arts and entertainment company and technology vendor committed to helping companies create immersive experiences. The robust VR Builder platform saves companies time and money when creating product demos, gamified experiences, and virtual events for the metaverse using Unity Engine technologies. 

The platform simplifies the complex process of designing and sharing 3D virtual assets across various platforms and environments. MindPort also offers step-by-step guidance and support to businesses investing in immersive reality, with an end-to-end approach to use case assessment, design, and implementation.  

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Psychic VR Lab, responsible for the STYLY platform, gives companies access to a spatial environment where companies can bridge the physical and digital realms. It enables companies to create and distribute digital content for artistic and entertainment-focused experiences. The platform already supports a community of more than 100,000 creators, with tools for distributing various types of digital content, from art musical experiences to 360-degree videos. 

Users can build VR spaces using their web browser and share solutions across Mac and Windows operating systems. The solution also works alongside various 3D software and creation tools, ranging from MAYAA and Blender to Instagram and YouTube. The platform also works to distribute content across a host of displays and wearable headsets.   

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Digital media production company Figment Productions develops and builds creative content using XR technology and artificial intelligence. The company specializes in developing XR Arts and Entertainment experiences, working in CGI, film, and software development.  

Figment has also created the “Helix” software-hardware platform, combining best-in-class technology with the company’s in-house innovations. The solution includes a realistic avatar system, VR tactile props and sets, and full-motion tracking. Figment has worked alongside several large entertainment companies and Ips, such as LEGO and Harry Potter. 

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Specializing in the design, development, and production of XR Arts and Entertainment projects, Backlight produces unique content for companies around the world. The organization has won more than 63 international awards for its services, and has delivered almost 400 immersive projects to companies from various industries.  

Backlight has a strong presence in the VR Arts and Culture landscape, building experiences for museums, events, and even virtual art galleries. The company has also worked with numerous entertainment companies, like Disney, to create immersive experiences, such as an immersive version of the Phantom of the Opera theatrical performance.  

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Divr Labs is a London-based XR Arts and Entertainment company best known for its unique VR arena, which gives attendees various immersive environments to explore. The company’s proprietary applications and games include the “Lost Lab” experience, and the “Last Stand” collaborative gaming environment. Today, the company has locations situated all over the world.  

Designed to delight people of all ages, the Divr Lab immersive spaces span a large surface area of up to 1614 square feet. The company has also developed unique teambuilding exercises for organizations looking for new ways to develop collaborative skills for staff members.   

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Creative production company and game developer Incarna Studios creates VR experiences for various use cases. Solutions like the Incarna Adventures portfolio give consumers an immersive “escape room” environment designed to test their collaborative skills. The company also works directly with XR Arts and Entertainment plans on the development of unique experiences. 

Specializing in developing tailor-made virtual reality environments, Incarna optimizes the asset production process for clients with a comprehensive approach to service delivery. Companies can work with the team on everything from character design and concept art creation to sound composition and storytelling.   

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Focused on highlighting the benefits of extended reality for collaboration and team building, MeetSpaceVR is responsible for some of the largest free-roam VR experiences in the UK. The company hosts VR Escape rooms, immersive events, and teambuilding exercises from locations across England and can even support companies with private events.  

One of the company’s most recent accomplishments is the development of the “Zero Latency” VR experience, which brings warehouse-scale immersive experiences to up to 8 players at the same time. The company has captured the attention of almost 100,000 players throughout the nation, and even allows consumers to sign up for early access to newly produced games and events.   

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Sensorium is a metaverse company responsible for “Sensorium Galaxy,” an immersive environment where users can explore a wide range of unique experiences, from immersive virtual shows to games. The company has worked with the likes of David Guetta and Steve Aoki on the development of performances in the PRISM World environment.  

Additionally, Sensorium allows users to develop and customize highly realistic online avatars, with their digital store. Sensorium focuses heavily on the development of multi-sensory experiences, which align art, music, and artificial intelligence. They also host metaverse streaming events.  

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