One of the best features of Virtual Private Hosting is the complete access and control of the server system using web hosting admin panels. Also called control panels, these applications are free and allow you to set up and manage your VPS system easily. And the best part? You don’t need to have any kind of technical expertise to be able to run a control panel.

Let’s look at some of the most popular control panels available for VPS hosting.


The most common and widely used, cPanel is the choice of every webmaster and site admin, for its excellent functionality. It is available on the Linux platform and lets you create and manage email, develop websites, manage system passwords, and add new domains or sub-domains, and much more. The simple interface lets you keep complete control on your server.


This is the next best thing in control panels for VPS servers. Like cPanel is for Linux, Plesk is for Windows which allows hosting automation for all standard Windows hosting users. It comes with custom plans and website builder, among other user-friendly tools like file management, system configuration, and so on.


This is an open-source control plan that typically runs on Linux. It uses a web-based interface to carry our regular hosting automation tasks. You can manage multiple servers and logins across admin, client, email user, or reseller. And all this is available in 22 languages, making it a great option for any user across the globe. The version is managed by a team of developers who frequently offer updates for better functioning.


It is another popular open-source control panel. The speciality of Ajenti is its faster access and higher performance even when used remotely. The panel comes with pre-installed tools like file manager, text editor, code manager, and similar essential applications that can make server management a comfortable task. You can also avail of its virtual emails by auto-configuring EXIM 4 and Courier IMAP. Ajenti also supports multiple OS and lets you set up applications like Python, Ruby, PHP, and Node.js. Additionally, with the Ajenti-V plugin on your Ajenti Server, you can create websites, email accounts, and databases.


This is also a highly popular, open-source hosting control panel. It supports CentOS and Linux. The user-friendly interface is supported by a feature-rich panel and secured by CSF Firewall. You can easily run IP access control, automated backups, live monitoring, and manage databases. CentOS also allows MySQL with phpMyAdmin Panel and Roundcube web interface for emails, along with postfix and dovecot mailboxes.

Summing up…

The server control panel is the gateway to the efficient management of all system resources and thus, your website. More than most VPS hosting India service providers offer free access to the control panels, in their hosting plans. So, before you opt for a VPS hosting plan, always check with your hosting provider if they include a free control panel, relevant to your OS and server resources.

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