CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Sumit Mittal, Founder & CEO, TrendyTech.

  • Can you provide an overview of TrendyTech and its mission in the education technology industry?

TrendyTech Insights is an innovative ed-tech company incorporated in 2020, dedicated to providing top-notch big data and cloud education programs. With a mission to transform job aspirants into highly skilled professionals, TrendyTech has become a respected institution in the tech industry.

TrendyTech was born out of a mission to bridge the gap between the candidate-driven job market and the highly skilled demands by providing industry-leading big data programs to IT professionals and students, ultimately empowering them to secure their dream jobs in the world of data-driven innovation.


  • What motivated you to create TrendyTech, and what gaps or challenges in education were you aiming to address?

TrendyTech was started with a classroom training of 40 Students who had the capability to excel in the IT Industry, but lacked proper training and up-skilling which Industry requires. In a short span of time, we identified that this problem exists for most IT students and even working professionals who are stuck working on traditional technologies. This Gap was identified where the Industry needs Candidates who can work on In-demand technologies immediately upon joining and have a practical know-how of real-time work environment.

Over the years, TrendyTech has positively impacted the lives of over 20,000 job aspirants through its innovative programs and relentless pursuit of finding the finest talent in the tech industry.


  • How does TrendyTech differentiate itself from other edtech platforms in the market?

Some of the Key Features which differentiates TrendyTech from other edtech platforms are;

  • All the Programs are Designed & Conducted by the Founder – Sumit Mittal
  • We master and offer only Data related programs exclusively
  • 100% Industry Oriented Program
  • In-Depth 6-8 Months Programs making rock-solid foundation


  • Could you describe the key features and functionalities of TrendyTech’s platform?

TrendyTech platform focuses on providing Real-time experience to its students with On-Demand content structured in a way that students are able to upskill in an organized way. It also provides students with Lab access where they can work in a real environment. A strong technical support team and mentorship help students throughout their journey.


  • How does TrendyTech adapt to changes in the education landscape, such as curriculum updates and emerging teaching methodologies?

In this dynamic world where the technology stack is changing rapidly, Trendytech keeps on updating its Course content based on In-demand Industry requirements. This has been possible with the support of its strong technical team and Industry associations. TrendyTech students have an edge over others in terms of knowledge of the latest technology stack.


  • How do you measure the impact and effectiveness of TrendyTech in terms of student learning outcomes and engagement?

TrendyTech success can be analyzed from the success of its students. Today TrendyTech students work at Fortune 100 Companies like Walmart, Google, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, etc. TrendyTech programs have made an impact on more than 10,000 students till now who have been able to make a way to their dream companies.


  • What are the challenges and opportunities you foresee for TrendyTech in the coming years, particularly in the post-pandemic education landscape?

Data is a thing that is increasing every day. Today companies are sitting on a huge pile of data that is so precious that every decision starting from Idea formation, Strategy making, Execution of Strategy till Customer Satisfaction relies on this data. The Global Big Data market is growing at a CAGR of 28% and is predicted to grow further in years to come. It is not easy for Educational Institutes to get their course syllabus updated frequently with rapid changes in the technology stack. The opportunities are immense and TrendyTech has been able to and is all prepared to take a lead in this Sea of opportunities.


  • What are your long-term goals and vision for TrendyTech, and how do you plan to achieve them?

TrendyTech envisions making a substantial impact on India’s global presence in the field of data by imparting robust skills to its students and ensuring their readiness for the industry. These students are poised to become premier resources in the realm of Big Data on a global scale.


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