WhatsApp is here with another update for its users. With the new feature, WhatsApp will allow users to access multiple accounts on a single device. The messaging platform plans on rolling out the latest update through its Google Play Beta Program which will bring the version to This multi-account feature will be available in a future update of the application.

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Previously, WhatsApp had rolled out an update to companion mode that allowed users to access an existing account on multiple devices. In contrast to companion mode, this update brings multiple accounts to one device. The feature was spotted in the WhatsApp Business beta for Android This is available on the Google Play Store. Further, according to WABetaInfo, there is evidence that suggests the compatibility of the feature with WhatsApp Messenger. As with any under-development feature, this will be available in the future.

WABetaInfo suggests that the messaging platform is working on the feature by providing a menu that will allow users to choose from their desired list of accounts. When the user logs in to a particular account, the details will be saved on the device until the user decides to log out. This will help the user choose among the accounts they wish to log into.

Users will be able to manage their personal communications, work-related conversations, and other social interactions within a single app thanks to this integration of the multi-account capability. By maintaining this distinction, users will be able to handle notifications effectively, retain their privacy, and switch between many accounts without the need for additional apps. Reports suggest that it will also make managing several accounts across various devices simpler. Users may access and switch between their numerous accounts using a single app on their primary device, eliminating the need to install and configure WhatsApp individually on each device.

As per WABetaInfo, though the feature was spotted on the WhatsApp business app, there is no evidence that would indicate that the feature is exclusive to the business app. It is possible that the feature will be available to everyone in the future.

Previous updates for WhatsApp users included the introduction of a “call-back” button. When it comes to missed calls, the messaging platform has included a new option. The “call button” makes missed calls easier to see and recognise. This button displays in an event notification when a call is not answered or the user misses a call. Users who download the most recent version of WhatsApp for Windows from the Microsoft Store will have access to this feature.

In the past, WhatsApp unveiled another new feature that allowed some beta users to screen-share in a group call through the messaging app. Selecting one of the choices under the video call button control allows users who have access to the feature to share the content that is displayed on their screen. When one presses the button, WhatsApp will ask if the user wants to share their entire screen or only a section of it. Even after participants have joined the call via their mobile devices, one can still share the contents of their screen. This feature is a tad bit similar to what Google Meet provides.

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WhatsApp also announced the addition of Channels, and like any update, it is currently accessible to some beta users. Users can browse Channels and Status under the brand-new Updates tab. One-way broadcast chats are made simpler, and people and organisations from all around the world can engage thanks to this capability. However, an open-source application called Telegram already has features very much like this one.


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