The internet has been ablaze with articles, stories, prophecies and supposed dark secrets being revealed over the past several weeks concerning the April 7-8 solar eclipse, much of which is simply exaggerated fabrications. You have been curious, but which ones are truthful and which are not?

What makes this worse is the new AI technology helps someone create fabricated stories that are outlandish in hopes they will entice a million views on YouTube so they can be written an actual check for their (AI’s) success. 

Let look at some truthful facts. God has always used the heavens and constellations to speak to man. Do you realize only on earth do the stars appear to us the way they do.? Genesis 1:14 says God designed the sun, the moon and the stars for days and years but also for signs and seasons. Then we learn God used signs and stars to point to strategic universal events. The Maggi, we call Wise Men came from probably Babylon telling Herod, we searched the heavens and followed the star of the Messiah to Jerusalem.

Adam Clarke, a great commentator, cited historian Jewish Josephus that beginning about a year before Rome destroyed Israel in 70 AD, signs started happening. (1) a star hung over the city like a sword and a comet continued across the heavens a whole year. (2) The people were assembled at the feast of unleavened bread and at the 9th hour of the night, a great light shone about the altar lasting about 30 minutes.

(3) At the same feast, a cow was led to sacrifice but once inside the temple, gave birth to a lamb. (4) The eastern gate of the temple was so heavy, it took 20 men to open it. It was solid brass fastened by bars and bolts, but it was seen at the 6th hour to open on its own accord. (5) Before sun-set, people saw chariots and armies fighting in the clouds and besieging cities.

(6) On the feast of Pentecost, priest inside the temple heard a heavenly voice say to them, “let us depart hence”. (7) And for a year a man walked the streets of Jerusalem, like Jonah did Nineveh warning the city to repent.

In 70 AD, Rome came and besieged Jerusalem but retreated for some 48 hours. Due to the warnings and these signs every Christian in Jerusalem escaped. But Rome returned, destroyed the city and killed 1,100,000 Jewish residents.

So yes signs have meanings. I get news directly from Israel with Jewish perspective. Recently I have noticed Israel is reporting unusual signs as well. Some residents in Israel are hearing the sounds of war in the sky and recently an article was entitled “The Coming of Messiah is Eminent” because a solid white rainbow appeared over a city. These are not happenstance events, so we need to pay attention when we hear of them. 

But signs for Israel do not necessarily mean they are words for America or vice-versa. The eclipse only was seen in America. You have probably heard this but it is passing over 7 towns named Nineveh and one named Jonah. You ask do you think God really talks like this today? My answer “You-betcha” and a whole lot more ways than Americans are listening.

Jonah went with one message to Nineveh. Yet 40 days and God will destroy you. The city knew by standards of the nations around them, they were wicked. They knew the standards of the Jews and Jehovah God, the Jews worshiped and knew they were guilty of sinning. 

While they thought god’s were territorial and didn’t know Israel’s God watched what was going on in Nineveh, they certainly knew beyond a shadow of a doubt they were guilty as charged and must repent. The king of Nineveh called for a fast of every man, woman and child, and every animal both food and water for 3 days.

This extreme action taken by the king and forced on his subjects, however, caused the God of heaven to turn from His wrath and forgive Nineveh instead of destroy them.

So what is God saying to America? Could it be repent, likewise? If God is really speaking through this eclipse, what we as the church of America do next is of paramount importance!


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