SCC Group: A Powerhouse of Sustainable F&B Trading & Distribution in Malaysia & Beyond

In the Logistics Operation aspect, SCC operates a fleet of over 140 self-operated logistics vehicles, including approximately 100 refrigerated trucks, enabling effective and efficient warehousing and logistics management operations. However, SCC is not just a traditional trading and distribution service provider; besides its facilities and logistics capabilities, the group also has an in-house sales, marketing, and customer marketing team that utilizes data-driven strategies. The group collaborates with clients to enhance their presence in the industry and actively engages clients with key customers to drive better partnerships. The client engagement process of SCC involves several stages, starting with understanding clients’ requirements, including its vision, goals, and expectations. Following that, SCC conducts internal market surveys and analyses to develop a client business proposal.

Once both parties agree on the proposal, SCC takes the lead in implementing and executing the agreed plan. Clients are actively updated on the progress throughout this process, and their feedback is sought for continuous improvement. After the execution phase, SCC conducts periodic evaluations of the results and provides learning and action plans to its clients, ensuring that the services provided are continuously optimized and aligned with the client’s goals and expectations. “We actively engage our clients with key customers to drive better partnership”, adds Soon See Beng, Chairman, SCC Group Of Companies.

Homegrown Player

SCC Group has extensive experience as a last-mile trading and distribution company in Malaysia, making it a top homegrown player in the industry. SCC Group goes beyond distribution and is also involved as brand owners and retailers within the group. This firsthand experience allows it to provide excellent availability and visibility for the brands it handles. Additionally, SCC Group boasts a renowned infrastructure with over 300,000 square feet of storage space and efficient delivery capabilities, supported by a fleet of over 160 vehicles. Financially, SCC Group demonstrates stability and strength with a low gearing ratio, impressive revenue growth exceeding GDP and retail performance, and positive earnings per share and return on equity.

  • SCC Group delivers excellence in trading & distribution & drives sustainable growth while fostering community engagement & ESG practices

    Soon See Beng , Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

This solid track record positions it as a reliable and capable partner for current and potential business collaborations, with a willingness to invest in expansion. Its team’s combined experience is proving invaluable for SCC Group’s growth. Through classroom training, on-the-job training, job rotation, and empowerment, it ensures that its team members possess the necessary skills to drive business growth. This investment in its employees helps it retain talent and ensure stability within the team. The group’s people agenda is guided by its core values of integrity, inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration, further strengthening its collective efforts toward success.

SCC Group of Companies aims to become a trusted regional distributor with a progressive route to market services, customer management, and operational excellence. The firm strives to be the best Malaysian distribution company, emphasizing sustainability, technology, innovation, talent capability, and core values.

Soon See Beng, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

With an accumulated experience of over 30 years in the F&B distribution industry, Soon See Beng is a seasoned professional who began his career joining the family business Swang Chai Chuan (F&B distribution of groceries) right after his secondary education in 1988. He then co-founded Swang Chai Chuan Sdn. Bhd., in 1995 with Soon Lee Shiang and his father. He has been the Managing Director of SCCSB since February 2002. Also, appointed as the Director on 14 February 2019 and re-designated as an Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board on 25 January 2021. He is responsible for the overall business strategic direction, planning, management and operation of the Group.